Types Of Server Sides Risks?

People require high security for internet. Most of people find it convenient to manage their bank accounts and business with the help of the internet. In such situation, the web security becomes the most important field in the network security. The interactive forms are written in HTML. Users type the information and send the request to the server to store the information by the user. 

The request launches a script on the server that processes the data supplied by the user but the result may be much unexpected which raises the need for server side security. URL Manipulation, unexpected user input, cross site scripting, buffer overflows and heap overruns are all famous known server side risks. All of these risks will be explained in this article. 

Auditing Weak User Accounts On UNIX System

Whenever we talk about auditing weak user accounts on UNIX or UNIX like systems the very first thought that comes to mind is using John The Ripper or L0phtCrack to audit weak passwords.
This is very big misconception among most of the people that weak user accounts only means accounts with weak passwords.
A normal user account isn't that normal if you haven't edited any of the permissions for it. So lets see how many abnormal tasks a normal user can perform if his account is not properly audited. Lets start with creation of user account.

Winners Of Facebook Hacking Course

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Hi Friends finally the time has come, when the winners will be announced for Facebook Hacking Course, Thanks for participating in the contest, I received more entries then I expected, most of them were on our Facebook Fan Page and on the comments section

How To Secure Your Wordpress Blogs?

Hackers are the person like you and us but the only difference is that they use their skills for the negative and destructive purposes, they use their skills to break a website, they normally destroy all the stuff's, so if you are a admin of a website you should care about the security of the website.
 As you know that the wordpress is a common and most popular plate form for blogging, but the security of the wordpress is always a hot discussion and it need more and more concentration because vulnerability discover everyday. Below are some tips to make your blog secure:

Finding A Spoofed Website With A Javascript

Lots of people think that Javascript is an inferior language but Javascript is an extremly powerful language and those people who think the other way they either don't know how to use it or are not familiar with it's capabilities, With javascript you can do lots of cool things such as edit any page, make an image fly etc, but it is a waste of time to spend your time on making images fly with javascripts or editing a page.
Anyways coming to the main topic, did you know that javascript can be used to detect if a page is a spoofed website or phishing website or a legit one, well if you don't know just paste the following code in to the address bar and a pop up will appear telling you whether the website is original or not

Web Server Hacking Techniques

Lots of people know use, configure and manage their webservers but only few of them really know how to protect their web server from getting hacked i.e making it hack proof. Today lots of websites are hosted on a dedicated web servers so it's extremely important to make your web server hack proof in order to prevent any theft and data loss, Before I mention techniques used by hackers to compromise a web server and how you can protect your web server you should know what a web server is and how it works.

Mafia war Cheats - Best kept secrets Revealed!

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Download Hakin9 Magazine For February

Hackin9 magazine is one of the popular online E-magazine available online, Hackin9 magazine contains information related to latest malware and latest vulnerabilities on the web. This month's issue is related to "Network Security" where the magazine talks about network security and hacking and latest threats related to network.

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