Desktop Phishing Tutorial - The Art of Phishing

Desktop phishing is another type of Phishing. In desktop phishing hackers change your Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts file, this file controls the internet browsing in your PC.This method is a bit advanced and if you are a newbie then I would recommend you to read the following posts first:

RHA Blessed With Page-Rank 3.0!!

It hasen't been more than 4 months since I moved to a custom domain(, Today RHA has been surprisingly blessed with Page-Rank 3.0 and I am very shocked to see it, though when RHA was on a subdomain it had PR 4 but after I redirected all the traffic to the custom domain the pagerank became zero. Luckily not only RHA's homepage but internal pages also managed to get 2-3 page rank.

I would like to thank all my readers for continuous support and especially my buddy Mustafa Ahmedzai from for his love and support. I expect RHA to get atleast PR-5 on next update. My other blog on iPhone jailbreaking And Unlocking also managed to get PR 1.

Gmail Cookie Stealing And Session Hijacking Part 2

In my previous post Gmail Cookie Stealing And Session Hijacking Part 1, I discussed all the basics and fundamentals in order to understand a Session Hijacking attack, If you have not read the part 1, Kindly read the part 1 first in order to get good grasp of the topic.

Well after a tremendous feedback and response of readers on Session hijacking, I thought to extend this topic and write more on it, In this tutorial I will explain you some methods to capture Gmail Gx cookies.

Gmail Cookie Stealing And Session Hijacking Part 1

Well I have posted lots of articles on Phishing and keylogging, but today I would like to throw some light on a very useful method which hackers use to hack gmail, facebook and other email accounts i.e. Stealing.  One of the reasons why I am writing this article as there are lots of newbies having lots of misconceptions related to cookie stealing and session hijacking, So I hope this tutorial cover all those misconception and if not all most of them.

Telecommunication Network Hacking And Security

Hacking does not only mean to deface a website or steal to someone confidential information, you have heard so many times about computer network security or just computer security but what about Telecommunication security or Telecommunication network security. Well there is so many articles on computer security but this time I have decided to write on Telecommunication network security.

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