Hashing Denial-Of-Service Attack Leaves More Than Half Of The Internet Vulnerable

A recent research Alexander “alech” Klink and Julian “zeri” Wälde shows that more than half of Internet is vulnerable to Hashing Denial of service vulnerability. The HDOS vulnerability exploits the hash tables consuming more than 99% of the CPU usage hence causing a Denial of service attack.

The security researchers demonstrated the  HDOS vulnerability at 28th Chaos Communication Congress security conference in Berlin, Germany, Earth, Milky Way. The talk was titled as "Efficient Denial of Service Attacks on Web Application Platforms". The reaserch shows that most of the web programming languages including PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Python, Ruby, Apache Tomcat (The list goes on and on) are vulnerable to the HDOS vulnerability

Download Free Android Security Software Avast Antivirus

There is absolutely no doubt that Avast is one of the most famous Antivirus vendor, well known for it's amazing features. Due to recent rise in malware attacks on Android, Lots of different Antivirus have moved their attention towards developing security mechanisms for Android. Same is the case with Avast. Avast has recently launched a Android Antivirus which you can easily use for free.

December 2011 Contest Sponsor For RHA - elearnSecurity

Contest Closed - Winners Announced here

Due to a tremendous response of readers and huge number of participants of the last contest "Vote for RHA and Win Facebook Hacking Course", we decided to setup another contest for RHA readers.  We have partnered with ElearnSecurity.net and arranged a contest for our readers, The winners will be handed over with prizes worth up to 1400$.

How To Spy On Android Phones – Spy That Phone App Review [Android]

You might get caught in many situations where you have to break in to the privacy of your family member like Kid or Wife just to make sure, nothing is wrong with their life & eventually yours too ! Wheather it is an doubt about your son/daughter getting with wrong group of friends or about your girlfriend or wife having affair or whatsoever reason, you might want to spy in to their phones.

Beware! Facebook Scam "Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television!"

we recently covered about a facebook worm which targeted a whole lot of facebook users. It's really sad to see that these types of scams keep growing and facebook hasn't really been able to successfully give protection to their users from such scams.

A new bloke in the list "Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television!", the most viral one yet, is spreading like a wildfire among facebook users.

Download Free Video Converter Hamster

Every day I get questions asked related to recommendations for free video converters. However due to increase in number of Paid Video converters, People deeply confuse whether to go with a paid one of a free one. The answer is that if there are tons of video converters available for free, why should we go for a paid one. One of those free video converters is my favorite Hamster.

Elearn Security Beginners Course For Penetration Testers

Update: elearnSecurity have recently launched their advanced Ethical hacking program, You can read more about it in the following post - elearnSecurity Penetration Testing Professional V2

There are thousands and thousands of people who want to become a penetration testers and Ethical hackers but most of them become after spending some time researching these topics get frustrated and quit,  And I don't blame them for being frustrated as there is no proper information and guidance available on the internet and if there is some it is presented in the wrong way to the beginners.

When I started got interested in this field at the age of "14", there were no proper information available on the internet, Most of them were not available for Intermediates and were mostly targeted towards those who already have prior knowledge of Hacking and Penetration testing.

Winners Announced!

It's finally time to announce winners for My "Facebook Hacking Course", First of all I would like to thank all the people who participated in the contest, I received more entries then I expected, most of them were on our Facebook Fan Page and on the comments section. We also received some private entries from people who were not interested in revealing their email addresses through the comments section.

Beware! New Picture Worm Hits Facebook Today

From last few months, Facebook has been widely targeted for scam and spreading malware, One of the those spreading worm I discovered recently was when I was chatting with my friend, The following message from the sudden appeared.

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