450k Voice Passwords Breached Confirmed by Yahoo

450000 login details were posted online from a group of hackers called D33ds they claimed that all these details came from an un identified Yahoo service and they obtained it through the traditional method of SQL injection. The worst thing is that all the log in credentials were posted on their official website (d33ds.co) but the site went down.

3 Million Bank Accounts Hacked In Iran

After finding a security vulnerability in Iran's banking system, Khosrow Zarefarid wrote a formal report and sent it to the CEOs of all the affected banks across the country. When the banks ignored his findings, he hacked 3 million bank accounts, belonging to at least 22 different banks, to prove his point. Infact all of atm machines are now blocked but the only option that appears when atm card is used is to change the pin code, not to withdraw funds that's basic necessity of these banking cards. Zarefarid didn't stole money he just stole account details of around 3 million individuals, including card numbers and PINs, on his blog: ircard.blogspot.ca.

World's First Ever Meter Hacking Published

Working of Meter Hacking Framework
It has been fairly considered that a researcher specializing in smart grids has released an open source tool to access the security of smart meters. The dubbed 'Termineter' and the framework would allow users, such as grid operators and its owner to test smart meters possible effects.

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