How To Crack Cpanel Passwords

Ok now lets talk about something different today.. many hackers just deface index pages for fame, many wants to get the hold on the server... some are genious and some are script kiddies... what if you got access to the server with limited permissions... and you have targeted a website on that server... what would you do at that time...!

And the real game STARTS NOW... we will learn how to crack a Cpanel password for all the websites that are hosted on that server or the particular one with the help of this method "Cpanel Cracking/Hacking!"...!!

Protect A Website From Being Defaced Or Hacked

A website defacement occurs when the hacker changes the visual appearance of a website, usually replaces the website's index.html file with his own file, which may contain the hacker's message or any thing related to it.

Who Wins The Cyber War? - Pakistan Or India

I was watching sitting at home watching the day's of 14th And 15th August pass by when both Pakistani, Indian hackers defaced each other's website on the day's of each other's Independence, I hold them responsible for the hatred that's being spread among both countries. Either it's for superiority, passion or proving one better than the other.

Gone Phishing? Report to Facebook.

Facebook recently announced a brand-spanking new way for its users to report phishing scams directly to the company itself targeting all of its 995 million users.

Facebook's Security page claims that it is now opening its doorways to all the users of the social website and they can now report their 'phishing' concerns to Facebook without the need of explaining your reason for concern to the third-party in a language that they'd understand.

Make Money by Reporting Bugs And Security Vulnerabilities

This is news for all researchers, hackers and developers. Now the lot of you can earn money by doing what you do best, search for vulnerabilities in sites and programs such as Facebook, Mozilla and PayPal. The first company to ever introduce this idea to the masses was Mozilla and soon after, Google followed suit. Facebook was the next in line. All these major shareholders of today's internet services began offering $500 worth of bounty ages ago. As the time passed, they too have increased their rewards paying as much as $3000 and above.

Hack A Facebook Account By Exploiting Facebook's Trusted Friend Feature

Facebook is constantly trying to improve their website's security by introducing new security features that would help facebook users to stay safe and secure. We recently published a report that around "83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake", therefore facebook is having a tough time improving their services and making it spam free and more secure. One of those important security features that facebook introduced  in late 2011 named "Trusted Friends Feature".

Top 10 IT Certifications for Security Professionals

It isn't news that with the threat of cyber warfare becoming as real as the spider web in your wallet the Department of Defense is looking to spend serious amount of dough to solidify their systems in order to protect their "classified" data from cyber-jihadis. In such a case, offence becomes a secondary move and defence crawls up to the top on the to-do list. Departments that are the most vulnerable to threats and attacks have started to consider hiring professionals to secure their networks. And the most preferred professionals for the job tend to be the ones with security clearances and even better, IT certifications or both.

83 Million Accounts Fake: Facebook

According to Facebook, there are about 83 million accounts on their network that they believe to be fake.

Earlier this week, Facebook produced documents in front of the Securities and Exchange Commission that stated that out of the social network's 955 million users 8.5% are thought to be bogus. Out of these 8.5% accounts 4.8% belong to users who maintain duplicate accounts.

Dropbox Accounts Hacked !!!

The minimized tragedy of few weeks back was soon yet revealed with the spam attacked the site and it came to conclusion few accounts were hacked.

Hack Gmail Password With Gmail Hacker V1.0

Previously i have posted alot of articles on Gmail hacking. Recently the number of users Gmail users have increased, therefore Gmail have been the major target of lots of hackers.People use Gmail as a primary email and therefore if hackers can gain access to their primary email accounts so therefore they can also hack other accounts associated witth your Gmail account.
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