How Google Pakistan Was Hacked?

Today morning, when i accessed, I was surprised to see the defacement page of turkish hackers, Later on i came to know that other websites such as were also defaced this morning. On checking the name servers with nslookup, the DNS servers were pointing towards another website, It was clear that the hacker compromised the DNS server and changed the DNS servers to their own, where they had their defacement page. The above image appeared on major .pk domains, when users were trying to access them.

Website Hacking With CSRF Attack

Cross Site Request Forgery Attack is also known as CSRF or XSRF in short. Do not confuse it with Cross Site Scripting attack because it is totally different from that. Like SQL injection and XSS, CSRF is also one in top 10 OWASP web vulnerabilities for many years.

All About Keyloggers - FAQ

A keylogger sometimes called a spying software is a small program which is used to monitor a local or a Remote PC, Keyloggers now a days are so easy to use that a person with even a basic knowledge of computers can use keylogger.Once a keylogger is installed in your computer it can monitor each and every keystroke typed on your computer, thus you can see how dangerous a keylogger can be.

An Interview With The Founder Of elearnSecurity [Armando Romeo]

Armando Romeo is the founder of eLearnSecurity, responsible for day-to-day management as well as content creation and delivery of all company courses. Prior to founding eLearnSecurity, Armando served as administrator and head of security for the Hackers Center Research Group and IT Security Services Manager for the Italian Security Brigade. Armando's has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of network security, information security, secure coding and design, Web application security, penetration testing and security awareness. We are very glad that Armando took out some of his precious time and answer few common questions asked by newbies.

How To Think Like a Hacker [WhitePaper]

"Takes One to Know One: Think Like a Hacker for Better Security Awareness"

52% of businesses experienced more malware infections as a result of employees on social media.

Security awareness is mostly about common sense, and thinking like the hackers to understand what security weaknesses they look for. But like other security precautions, it's easy to let down your guard.
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