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Reverse Engineering Tutorial For Newbies - Part 2

This is the second post on reverse engineering series on RHA,In the previous post Reverse Engineering Tutorial For Newbies I showed you step by step how to crack an application so as if you enter the wrong password that program will think that it's the right password, However this is a bit advanced tutorial and in this tutorial I will tell you how you can fully register a program or software completly.The software I will use in this tutorial is Pixtopian Book
Disclaimer - By reading or following this tutorial you agree that this tutorial is for educational purposes only, RHA is not responsible for any damages caused by you


1.Pixtopian Book


1.First of all download Pixtopian book and install in to your computer and open the Pixtopian book.

2.Now first of all we will look at the limitations of unregistered version of Pixtopian book:

a).You cannot add more than three groups and if you try to add more groups it will give the following error:

"You,ve reached the limit of three groups. Please Register Pixtopian book today!"

b)You can only add 4 Contacts/Name, If you try to add 5th name it will give the following error:

 You,ve reached the limit of 4 enteries per group/ Please register PixtopianBook today!

3.Now open Pixtopian book in OllyDBG

4.Now Right click there goto search for and click on All refrence Text strings

5.Right click there and click on Search For and search for "You,ve reached the limit of three groups" once you have found it double click it

6.Scroll above and you will see the following line:


This line compares how many groups you put in with 3 if the group exceeds 3 then it gives the error message which is "You,ve reached the limit of three groups" but if you don't have three groups this condition will jump to the line JL SHORT 00408B34 and this will make it jump to 00408B34

So inorder to make this esc both errors we will Change JL SHORT 00408B34 to JMP SHORT 00408B34 so this will always esc the errors and this will make not a conditional jump any more

7.Now change the value of  JL SHORT 00408B34 to JMP SHORT 00408B34 and click assemble and click the blue button at the top.

8.After you click play you will end up in the following line 760642EP , The program will still not run because it has a very little range.

9.Now to increase range we will go to Options - Debugging options - Exceptions and there click on "add range of exceptions" and enter the range to "000000" and in the form "Last exceptions in range" we will enter "CCCCCCCC" Click Ok and tick also "Ignore also the following custom exceptions and ranges"

10.Now restart the program and follow again follow the steps 1-5 and again change JL SHORT 00408B34 to JMP SHORT 00408B34 start the Program and it will work and it will work for you and you can add more then 4 Groups and for adding more names repeat the above steps again.

Hint:Search For the error "You,ve reached the limit of 4 enteries per group/ Please register PixtopianBook today!"
And you are done.

Hope you have liked the tutorial, If you have questions feel free to ask me.


  1. Thanks rafay, I am a regular visitor of your blog and man you rock, I like you post very much its really helpful for a beginner, Can you tell me which keyloggers is better Sniperspy or winspy?

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, Rafay hacking articles is a very excellent website with professional and original tutorials, Can you teach me how I can hack a computer?

  3. Well I have tested over 50 keyloggers since I have came in to this field and found sniperspy as the best, Sniperspy has a very low antivirus detection rate plus it has lots features, It has also been featured in top news channels such as CNN and BBC, Winspy is cheap but it has some compatibility issues with windows 7.

    Can you teach me how I can hack a computer?


  4. Plz make it clear whether to use the pixtopian setup file or from the installed bcoz when i started pixtopian from setup it was not showing the text string " you have reached......"

    Thanks for the Great post!! U rock!

  5. Once you have installed the pixtopian book, Open the original pixtopian book file(Not the setup file) and Try to add groups and Names, Once you will reach 3 groups and 4 names it will give you the error

  6. no i mean whether to start the pixtopian setup file or from the installed one in ollydbg... :),

  7. You need to open the original installed file into olydbg

  8. not able to get text when clicked search for text when using pixtopian programm

    but when i tried with idman604.exe (internet download manager)i ot te text "Internet Download Manager has not been registered for 30 days. Trial period is over and IDM is exiting" not knowing what to do next,, pl help..

    you reaallyy rockk

  9. @sundeep Raj, Sr.
    Just scroll to the top click on the top value and then make a search

  10. idm ....gud try
    if sumbdy has a wrkng crack pls share :D

  11. sir ,
    i cannot downlaod the OllyDBG.when i extract it doesnot shows the .exe file.what should i do?

  12. sir,
    i want to learn idm cracking

  13. Hello Rafay, I Love your site,Pretty Good and Helpfull, I Am a newbie to Olly, I Just Wonna Ask Why you fix the Ranges too...

    Doesnt it supposed to Work at step 8?
    I Dont Get It, What is Range Means?

  14. What do you mean by "it has a very little range.", What range you are talking about ?

  15. Requirements

    1.Pixtopian Book
    3.Decent I.Q.
    4.Ability to NOT ask stupid questions.

  16. I Dont Know About Cracking IDM But I Was Playing Around With IDM In Olly When I Found That (using xp)

    Thats Where It Stores Its Trial Info.After 30 Days It Creates A New Value,And If That Key Is Found It Says "not registered for 30 days"

    On Taking A Closer Look:
    Also There Is A Value Named "Therad"(i think) In That Key It Consist Of No Of Days That Has Expired.

    If You Delete The Entire Key,IDM will recreate it,and You Will Get Another 30 days.But If You Delete The VALUE "Therad" ,alone But Not The Entire Key, Your Trial Wont Expire.I Tried It In My System And In A Virtual M/c It Worked.But In My Lap It Didnt So Try If It Works.

    If Your Trial Expired Delete The Entire Key.Open And Close IDM And Then Delete The Value "Therad"

  17. No text found error comes... help!!!

  18. sir,I want to make idm(internet download manager) from trial to full version. for this I want to crack it by knowing serial key methord. i opened ollydbg(by run as administrator). and open idm(c:\program files\internet download manager\idm.exe). then I consider assembly window and processing window. then I play idm. the error was "Internet download manager has not been registered for 30 days.trial period is over is exiting" as I used IDM for more than 30 days.then a registration page occured.I fill that with wrong information.the error occured "you have entered incorrect serial number. please don't mix............." I copy this error and paste it to notepad.and in ollydbg I go to first line and done "search for>all reffered text string. then a new window occured then I maximized that window.and go to first line. and go to "search for text" and I searched the error message that I paste into notepad. I found that in that window.double clicked on that I connected to other window(may be previous assembly window). now I am doing something wrong because when I scroll up I found that a string is ended but the error message should be in the string. By the way, I went to starting of the string and press F2 button to add a break point and play the program and program terminated. now I press F8 key to check the instructions. but I could not find the serial key that I entered matching original serial key. now please tell me what's going wrong that I didn't found the original serial key. Please help me regarding this.

  19. nice again for this one ftw! you forgot to include patching! but nice love this shit w00t

  20. Great Article.The Best place for learning Reverse Engineering...I found that some crackme apps and softwares have protection feature.What's that and how can it be removed??Please put some light on it..


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