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Facebook Dislike Button - Beware, Scam Spreading

A new facebook scam message is spreading rapidly and has gone viral among the facebook users,  It looks like that Facebook has became most favorite play ground for spammers, After the Dad Catches Daughter on Webcam scam it seems like Facebook Dislike button has gone viral, Here is the screenshot of the Facebook dislike button scam message:

Facebook now has a dislike button! Click 'Enable Dislike Button' to turn on the new feature!

 Now as you can see from the above screen shot the link "Activate Dislike Button" looks genuine and it appears to be where the Share button is placed. Once the victim clicks on the "Activate Dislike Button", He arrives on a page where it asks to paste a JavaScript on to his/her address bar. Once the victim does that, The same message get's posted on his/her wall.

How It Works?

As I told you above that the "Activate Dislike Button" appears where the "share" button is usually placed, This is all because of the javascript, The Javscript which the victim pastes in his/her address bar actually renames the "Share" button to "Activate Dislike Button" but the functionality of the button is same due to which the message get's posted on the victims wall.

Is it a Virus?

Yes it is, When I clicked on the "Activate Dislike Button" it brought me a to page where I was asked to paste the javascript, suddenly my Antivirus(AVG) popped up indicating the virus to be some kind of "Social Engineering(Security)type 1710" virus.

It looks to me as it's a part of russian malware, Which once executed properly will leak your email passwords like Facebook, Yahoo, hotmail, Ebay, Paypal etc to the hacker.

Virtox Virus Mis-belief

Some of websites I came across which were telling that it's a Virtox virus, but the truth is that there is no such virus known as "Virtox" and it might be made up by a person who started this scam

Low Antivrus Detection Rate

I used Virus total's URL scanner for analyzing it and I was really shocked to see the antivirus detection rate to be as low as 5/42, Here is the screenshot:


This whole testing process was performed in a virtual environment, Don't Attempt to try it on your own computer or you will result in infecting your self, If you think that you have been infected, Scan your system with a Good Antivirus.

Hope you have liked my post and I hope in you won't fall for these scams in your near future, If you want to reproduce this article, make sure you give the credit to the original author and the website.If you would like to know more about facebook scams kindly Join our Facebook Fan Page.


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