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Apple Store Down, Hacked?

Well, currently apple store is down in lots of countries, A rumor is currently floating that if it's hacked or a victim of a Dddos attack, which makes people think if the hackivists group anonymous might be behind this attack, Usually when ever apple store is down, apple arrives with a new product launch, however if this is the case and apple is planning for a new product launch, the apple store should have been down in all other countries.

According to a ping test which I ran on apple store, apple store down in few countries where as it's acessible in e coutries, which leaves a possibility for a DDOS attack. Here is the screenshot of apple's app store as you can see it's down and inaccessible.

Here is the screenshot of the just-ping scan which shows that it's apple's store is down in lots countries, with packetloss over 40% is some countries.

We will update you, as soon as we get more information on apple store's status.


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