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Spystik - Computer Monitoring Device Review

A Hardware Keylogger is just like a normal USB drive or any other computer peripheral so that the victims can never doubt that it is a keylogger, Hardware keylogger has any inbuilt memory which stores the typed keystrokes, Today we are going to review a very popular hardware keylogger named Snoopstick, Snoopstick is a very popular and efficient keylogger supporting the monitoring of wide variety of services such as IM, Email chat recording etc.

Why Do I Need SnoopStick?

Well their are variety of reasons why you may want to use snoopstick, The list goes on and on but some of them are as follows:
  • Monitor what your kids are doing on their computers.
  • Monitor your Spouse to see if she is cheating.
  • Monitor your employees to find out what they are doing in their office timing.

Step By Step Installation Guide

Now that you have figured out the importance and usage of snoopstick in your daily life, I will show you a step by step guide to install Snoopstick on someone's computer and start monitoring them.

Note: Monitoring a computer without the owner's permission is a crime as you are invading some one's privacy.

Step 1 

After you have purchased the snoopstick, simply plug the snoopstick in to your computer. 

Step 2

Once your computer has successfully identified the snoopstick, Open the drive to view the contents, Next double click on the file snoopstick.exe and it will start the updater, which will download the installation files.
Make sure that you are connected to internet or else the update won't work.

Step 3 

Once the update is completed, the control panel will automatically start. After the control panel is loaded choose the 4 option "Install Snoopstick", The setup will then ask you for the confirmation Click "Ok" and it will start the installation. After you click ok a terms and conditions dialog box will appear, Simply choose I agree and click ok.

Step 4

Next it will ask you for a friendly computer name, Since in this case I am choosing to monitor my own computer, I will type my own name. Now sit back and relax and wait for the snoopstick to install the keylogger. Once the installation is completed the following message will appear.

Step 5 

Once you have successfully installed SnoopStick on the victims computer, Open up the SnoopStick control panel once again and click on the first option "Connect And View Remote Activity".

Step 6 

Once the SnoopStick has sucessfully connected you with the victim, the following windows will appear and from here you can record every thing what victim is doing, even taking screenshots of the victims computer.


Snoopstick has been featured on many TV channels like FOX News, NBC News, Live 5 News etc. Here is a video of SnoopStick being featured by FoxNews.


With so many great features, There are however some things missing in SnoopStick which would be annoying for lots of customers, One of them is that Snoopstick does not have a password recording feature, which means that you cannot record any kind of passwords with SnoopStick.

Where To Buy SnoopStick?

You can buy SnoopStick on a discounted price of 99$ from SpyAssociates, Spyassociates is a leader in spying and surveillance equipments, Apart from Hardware Keyloggers SpyAssociates offers wide variety of high quality spying products. 


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