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'Theregister.co.uk' Hacked By TG Hacker

Here is one of the most shocking news of today, One of the biggest News website Theregister.co.uk has been hacked few minutes before from Now, The website was not hacked by any traditional web application attacks like SQL Injection, Remote File Inclusion or local file inclusion, However DNS Hijacking or DNS redirection attack was used.  The website was hacked by Turkguvenligi who is also known as TG hacker and is also responsible for the major website defacements in the pasts including Microsoft, Dell and other big websites.

If you would check the hackers zone-h record , You will find that this hacker only goes after major websites, It's quite sad to see that even major websites don't pay proper attention to their website security.

From the above screenshot, you can clearly see that the hacker has redirected the name servers of register.co.uk to his own name server.


  1. good , but if one hack a web site why it is available again??

  2. Same Question...How the owner get the website control back?

  3. Basically the website was defaced, The hacker just redirected name servers of the website to his own servers, In cases where websites do get hacked with attacks like SQL Injection, RFI, LFI, brute force or any other method, The owners still have access to the domain control panel, So even if the hacker hacks the CPANEL, they can just redirect the name servers from their control panel to any other host.

  4. Here you shared"zone-h record" is such a nice thing. Really great creation.

  5. would you like to hack this?

  6. I need help on SQL injection,brute force and also hw to get hack or gain a fake cpanel customizing...pls contack me via my email address clarkjohnson2003@yahoo.com TANX VRY MUCH


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