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'Play Mario Kart On Facebook' Scam

A new scam has hit Facebook and it now involves a very lovable gaming character, Mario. Yes, the same Mario that lingers in the background of our precious childhood memories.

Play Mario Kart on Facebook!
Play Mario Kart on Facebook with your Friends! Join the multiplayer mayhem NOW! Click here to play

The scam is spreading fast via status updates and private messages as well.

If you get enticed and click on the link, it redirects you to a page that encourages you to try playing Mario Kart.

As soon as you hit 'Play Now', it takes you to an online survey. Some users have even reported that it encourages you to download and install a browser extension on your PC (highly unrecommended).

A similar scam has appeared on Facebook. Here, it gives you a chance to win an iPhone 5. And of course, this trick has worked on many users, Apple Fanatics or not. Which is understandable, seeing that no one wants to give up the chance of winning free stuff. Even if it comes at the price of security and privacy breeches.

Facebook's own security measures have been unable to identify the problem thus, the scam has plenty of space to work with and affect as many users as possible, giving the scammers 'Big Bucks' that they work so hard for.

To avoid the risk of being scammed, please do not click on the links being sent to you that promise you things that you can not have (not yet, at least). Delete private messages and your own status updates to avoid referring your friends from being scammed too (unless, you want them to be scammed ;)).

Remember, its better to be safe than sorry.

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