A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking Book Winner

If you are a regular reader of RHA you might remember offer to Review My Blog & Get A Free Linkback which I offered for blogs with low page rank and low traffic, I have decided that I am ending this offer due to large number of requests and finally it's time to decide the winner of the contest as I promised to give my book "A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking" to the best reviewer.

Learn how to hack with the Hackers academy

How to hack?, I get this question asked daily, Lots of people are curious to learn Ethical hacking but they do not know where to start, Any one can become a fairly good Ethical Hacker if he/she can learn from basics and he/she should have a place to practice what he learned

This is where The Hacker's Academy comes into play, If you are a beginner or intermediate or advanced this is still for you, The Hackers Academy is one of the most professional online Ethical Hacking and penetration testing institute, one of the best parts of hackers academy i like is that they give you labs(A place where you can practice) so you can try the concepts for your self

Reverse Engineering Tutorial For Newbies - Part 3

This is the third part of my reverse engineering series, In the previous tutorial I demonstrated how you can fully register a software using reverse engineering , In this video I have also explained how you can fully register a software but the method is different and works for lots of softwares. Lots of people got confused in the previous part because it was quite difficult to understand so I made a video so you can easily understand it. Like always if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Win A Free Copy Of Facebook Hacking Course Worth 37$

Hi Friends as you all know that I have just launched my new Facebook Hacking Course and i have already sold 500$ worth Video copies, I know that lots of people cannot afford this course and lots of people have asked me to give them a free copy of this course but it's not possible for me to give the Facebook hacking course to all of them, so there I have decided to arrange a contest in which I have decided to give 2 copies of Facebook Hacking Course to the lucky winners,

Spy On A Remote PC With Spytech Spyagent ( How To Guide)

Are you curious to see what your kids are doing when you are not around?, Do you want to know what your what is doing on her Pc? Are you Employees cheating on you?, Then you need not to worry because Spytech Spyagent is coming for the rescue.
Spytech Spyagent is an award winning spying software that allows you to monitor each and every activity done on a local computer or a remote computer, Spytech Spyagent runs in total stealth mode and once it is installed on victims computer it's almost impossible to detect it's presence

Dictionary Attack Video Tutorial

A Dictionary attack is a password cracking method which is done by trying every single word from a word list. A word list consists of large number dictionary words, Each word is tried against the password database. In the video below I have used a popular Cracking software called Brutus to show a Dictionary attack against my Ftp server. Brutus is a widely known Remote password Cracker it supports many types of attacks but in this video I will demonstrate a FTP attack.

Wireless Network Security Basics

Wireless Networks are those in which the interconnection between devices is established without using wires. The nodes communicate using radio waves. The wireless adapter in a computer translates data in radio signals and transmit it. The wireless router receives the radio signals, decode it and sends the data to internet. Of course this process also works in reverse manner.

How to Spy a Cellphone With Mobile spy

Every day I get a lot of emails from people asking how to spy on cell phone or How to hack a cellphone. To spy on a given cell phone all you need to do is install a good cell phone spy software on the target cell phone and once you do this you can silently record every SMS and information about each call. You can also see GPS positions every thirty minutes.

Reverse Engineering Tutorial For Newbies - Part 2

This is the second post on reverse engineering series on RHA,In the previous post Reverse Engineering Tutorial For Newbies I showed you step by step how to crack an application so as if you enter the wrong password that program will think that it's the right password, However this is a bit advanced tutorial and in this tutorial I will tell you how you can fully register a program or software completly.The software I will use in this tutorial is Pixtopian Book
Disclaimer - By reading or following this tutorial you agree that this tutorial is for educational purposes only, RHA is not responsible for any damages caused by you

Reverse Engineering Tutorial For Newbies

In simple words reverse engineering is the act to modify the code of of the application to make it work our way, Reverse engineering a very complicated topic and is very difficult to understand for newbie's as it requires a prior knowledge of assembly language, However in this article I will show you step by step how you can crack an application with reverse engineering.

Review My Blog & Get A Free Linkback

Recently RHA(Rafay Hacking Articles) showed tremendous increase in traffic and daily traffic has reached to almost 10000 unique visitors per day plus RHA has became a PR 4 blog too, As a result of which I was getting lots of request for link exchanges from site owners, The minimum requirement for a Link exchange is this blog is a Page rank 3 website,so as a result of which the lower PR websites could not exchange links, but I have a perfect solution for webmasters with lower Page rank or with no page rank

Google Bangladesh Hacked By Tiger Mate

bdnews24.com(Online Newspaper) has reported that Google Bangladesh has been hacked, It was hacked by a hacker named "Tiger Mate", A CTO of a local ISP, has confirmed the the Google Bangladesh was hacked
It's really amazing to see that the hacker managed to penetrate the Google, This hack will surely arise security concerns in bangladesh.
However it seems that some of the visitors see a defaced Google Bangladesh page and to some of the users it appears normal.According to zone-h, The bangladeshian hacker "Tiger Mate" has been very active and has hacked some high profile websites in the past such as bangladesh airtel and local american express website.

WikiPak.org - A Free Pakistani Encyclopedia

Wikipak.org is a non profit organization co-founded be me with Mr Khawar Junjoi, Wikipak.org is a wiki of Business, People, Biographies and Places in Pakistan.wikipak.org is developed on purpose to help Pakistani People to know more about their country and to find all things in one place, Kindly help us grow it by contributing an article

You can Make your valuable contribution to wikipak in just 5 short minutes, However before you contribute to wikipak you should be aware that Wikipak copyleft allows your contributions to be used elsewhere, edited by others, and even copied or sold as long as you are given proper attribution

Beware - New Hotmail Account Scam Alert

Every day I hear people complaining that their hotmail account is hacked, Now as I have told couple of times before in my previous posts related to email hacking that there are only two foolproof methods i.e. Phishing and keylogging which are mostly used to hack email accounts.
Today I received an email in my hotmail inbox the email looked as it was from "Windows Live Team" and the subject of the email was "Hotmail Account Alert"

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