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Anonymous Reacts Strongly To Seizure Of Hackers In Spain

As i predicted in my previous post "Four Suspected Anonymous Hackers Arrested For Spanish Police" . Anonymous hacking activists have reacted to the the arrests of their group members that took place in Spain yesterday.The hacking group attacked the InterPol website which went down for a short period of time ,Interpol restored it quickly but it was loading slowly for hours after the attack was conducted.

 The news of the attack was broke via a tweet generated by account named AnonymousPress having   102K+ followers .

The supporters made online claims that those arrested members are innocent.InterPol however announced that all the operation was conducted under the umbrella of Operation Unmask.Operation Unmask started in mid-February after the series of organized cyber attacks on Columbian defense ministry portal ,Presidential website ,Chilean electricity company and Chile National library website.

 InterPol added that 250 items related to I.T , payment cards , mobile phones and cash was seized which was used as funding to hackers of age between 17 &  40.

 Earlier this month an 18-minute discussion between FBI officers and Metropolitan police was released by hackers which highly embarrassed the authorities.The discussion revealed officers discussing the delay of court proceedings against two alleged hackers associate with LulzSec group.LulzSec was involved in targeting US Congress site in 2011.The leaked discussion raised serious questions on the security of the Security Institutions themselves.

 Anonymous members keep urging people to stand for truth and raise voice against injustice  ,they have a strong following on all social networks.About an hour ago ,one of the hackers tweeted about going to today's Occupy Corporations protest:

Looking forward to #F29 today !Find me if you can! #OWS  ^_^

F29 stands for February 29 !

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