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Hacker Arrested For leaking 6 Million Passwords

CSDN hacked(Hacking news:www.rafayhackingarticles.net)The Chinese Police has arrested a suspect, nicknamed Zeng, who was nabbed in Wenzhou east China's Zhejiang Province, on February 4 after an investigation into the case. He is reported to have stolen around 6 million passwords from China's software developer network. He is in police custody on charges of illegal data acquisition. According to the officials the leaked information contained ids, passwords and other personal information in plain text.

Looking at the hacked information the police officials were sure that the data was hacked before July 2010. Zeng got caught because he himself had once posted that he has gained the control of the CSDN database and wanted to contribute for the website. He has accepted that he entered the database through a system loophole.

After the arrest, the Beijing Police has punished CSDN for keeping poor security of the database. CSDN has announced that its database has been completely secured since September 2010 and the customers need not fear of another security breach.


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