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Ransomware, A Malicious Software That Locks Your Computer

My purpose to write this article is to give awareness to you about the new virus worm that demands money. Some people have been victim of it and they have paid cash for it, will you?
Ransomware is a malicious software introduced by hackers that locks out of users PC and demands certain amount of Cash to open up PC again. Just like we have to pay bill for hotel room, but it doesn't alters any data.

Where has it attacked yet?

Modern Ransomware attacks had been first struck in Russia the centre of most hackers living in the world. Later the curse flowed to other countries such as Australia, Germany and United States of America etc.

How does it attacks?

It enters into system through a downloaded file or a problem in network device. Later when the program is run it would harm personal data on hard drives of a PC. The malware author is the only party that knows the needed private decryption key. Later when the files are encrypted the ransomware will force victim to pay the money in order to decrypt the files or enter the lock code. The method of this kind of payment is via wire transfer, premium-rate text messages, online payment voucher service (Ukash, Paysafecard). Furthermore, ransomwares are installed by visiting malicious websites or by Social Networking sites, or email message.

How To Mitigate?

1) By keeping firewall on all the time.2) Turning automatic updates on.3) Scan your computer on regular basis.



  1. But is there any way to catch the virus creator while transfer of money??

  2. how hack a pc and get somefiles to a hacked pc please give me software

  3. A good software Rafay .. Thanks for a good post


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