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What Is Project Tyler? Anonymous Reveals

Wikileaks is known worldwide for providing a common man with many delicate information about his/her country’s government. It had caused several troubles in the past compromising scandalous information. Being inspired by it, the anonymous group had decided to do create a similar portal to slip out information regarding sensitive matters to the public without any censorship. They are naming this project as “Tyler”.

What sounded surprising was that anonymous group decided to build another portal instead of working together with Wikileaks. One of the members representing the group spoke to the Voice of Russia about their rift with Wikileaks and their “Tyler” project.

He said that “Tyler” would be way more transparent to the public in matters of funding techniques. “Tyler” will be available to public on the doomsday this year. Although, not working together, anonymous still shows that it supports the efforts of Julian Assange and has even helped to acquire millions of emails.

This collection has been called the Syrian file. Being the cyber geeks they are, anonymous have found out an ingenious way to lower the costs and prevent any attacks on “Tyler”. The solution-no website! This may sound imbecile but is actually quite smart. All the information will be shared with peer to peer network. In this manner, the files will be seeded by millions of people always and there is no rational method of stopping these transfers. Since no files will be uploaded on the servers, it would be senseless to attack “Tyler” once the damage has been done! 

On being asked about Julian  Assange, the hacker said- “Julian has threatened on at least one previous occasion to pull the plug on the project because the fundraising was not meeting his expectations. It was at that time that Anonymous began planning to field our own alternative disclosure platforms. Julian desperately needs WikiLeaks, and he is the only one that can pull the plug on the project. I rather think that so long as he is in dire straits, he will not do so despite any threats from him to the contrary.” Let’s hope he shares the view of the entire anonymous organization and benefit everyone.


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