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Yandex Bug Bounty Program - Is It Worth The Time?

Yandex also has a bug bounty program which pays a reasonable amount to security researchers who find security vulnerabilities inside their website, Recently i found multiple XSS vulnerabilities in a subdomain of yandex, The company accepted it as a vulnerability, but unfortunately i did not qualify for a bounty as the vulnerability was already reported by some one else.

Here is the email by yandex security team:

The above is an email by Yandex security team and according to them the vulnerability was reported before. However, speaking from my experience i haven't seen any researcher getting payed for reporting a vulnerability inside yandex.

Here are some tweets from some security experts, who have Participated in yandex bug bounty program and in most of the cases they are unable to reporduce the bug and in some cases they did not accept HTML injection and XSS as a security vulnerabilities:

Is yandex bounty program worth the time?, Decide for yourself. 


  1. Your the Best example for an Ethical Hacker
    coz even they didn't give any reward even though u didn't worry about that and u didn't release those also I'm Very proud of u bro!

    Have a Blast


  2. @Gazzaly

    Thankyou very much for your compliment, it's all about Ethics my friend, The webpage is still vulnerable, however i won't disclose it.

  3. I recently got rewarded with 320$ from yandex.ru for XSS vulnerability. Although, It didn't reached my bank yet. They asked and I sent them all required info for receiving the bounty. No reply from they after that. I don't even know when will I receive money. Found 2 more vulnerabilities after that. Reported them and got No reply from them. I will update here once I get atleast my 320$ from them! =)


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