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The Story Behind, How The Data Was Stolen

No one likes to hear the bad news that their computer, email, or phone has been hacked and the data stored in it has been plundered by cyber criminals. And hearing this news during the end of the year with Christmas approaching can only be the Grinch’s cherry on top to a year of disastrous security failures. But the sad fact is many more people are being faced with this problem as Grinch-like hackers continue to steal data on an increasingly significant basis. We may think that we are safe from the problem but in reality we are right in the midst of it, with internet giants coming under the radar as well!

Armed with keyloggers, Trojans, backdoor exploit methods and whatnot; these Grinches are pulling for the grand finale as 2012 comes to a close. Of course, this means that the data Industry has been lacking some major incentives and preventive measures that allowed these criminals to slip in between the cracks and make off with our data. The data breach investigations report is a pictorial representation of the actual scenario; read it to figure out the happenings.

Source: MobiStealth.com


  1. Way to many hackers out there!!

  2. Alarming n informative article. Can u plz compile some data regarding "hackings" executed in last few months, particularly with regards to subcontinent?

  3. Its becoming more and more easy to break into systems; industries are spending too little on security/pentests n ol. its true that resources are not available with that very high cost of living/labour n ol...

  4. Actually technologoy n tools r developing but security consciousness is not developing in our minds. Many executives donot understand electronic thefts unless it happens. they r reluctant to invest in computer / network security however invest on physical security stupidly. But no doubt, attacker has to exploit only one vulnerability n CSOs r 2 protect all holes.

  5. for real real beginner like me it is so amazing, i like this article most


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