Anonymous Reacts Strongly To Seizure Of Hackers In Spain

As i predicted in my previous post "Four Suspected Anonymous Hackers Arrested For Spanish Police" . Anonymous hacking activists have reacted to the the arrests of their group members that took place in Spain yesterday.The hacking group attacked the InterPol website which went down for a short period of time ,Interpol restored it quickly but it was loading slowly for hours after the attack was conducted.

Copyright Notice By Recording Industry - Latest Email SCAM

A few days ago i received an "official" email from Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) stating :

Dear <my-Email id> hereby we notify you that your IP address has been identified as distributing copyrighted content.Please see the attachment to this for illicit Internet traffic details.

Four Suspected Anonymous Hackers Arrested By Spanish Police

Spanish police claims to have arrested four people, who were connected to the famous hacking group Anonymous. Seizures were carried out in Madrid and Malaga, the suspects are reportedly involved in a series of attacks against the websites of political parties, companies and the Spanish police force.Some of the sites were defaced ,from others , sensitive content was stolen.

Political websites like that of the 'Union Progress and Democracy' party (UpyD), for instance, were infiltrated and replaced with images of people bearing vampire-like fangs.The hackers also published personal information of Spanish police officers and bodyguards online.

Android Malware Spreading Via Facebook

While your are scrolling through Facebook pages on Android,it may occur to you that you are using a facebook app running on a Google's Mobile OS and the two hawks of Silicon Valley are working hard all the time to make your experience as secure as it could be. But hold on ! aren't you missing something ? Yup there is also a community of Malware writers whose sole purpose in life is to find new ways of sneaking into your systems and devices.
It seems that almost every day there is a new facebook scam geared toward persuading users to click on a link. Attackers are increasingly using social media to distribute malware by tricking users into visiting malicious sites.And this time target is the Facebook app on Android which according to Security firm, Sophos is found spreading malware in an entirely new way.

Top 50 Passwords That Can Get You Hacked Instantly

Passing guessing is one of the fastest technique to hack any account. According to a survey by Sophos 33% of the people use the same passwords. What this means that if a hacker can get inside a person's facebook account, he can also get inside his/her other account using the same password. The chart below is the set of most commonly used Gawker Passwords that were leaked online due to a security breach. 

Winners Announced For January 2012 Contest

                  RHA contest
It's finally time to announce winners for My "Pentest Mag", First of all I would like to thank all the people who participated in the contest, Secondly I would like to inform you that the winners were not picked by me, They were picked by Pentest Mag Team. We also received some private entries from people who were not interested in revealing their email addresses through the comments section.

Bulk Email Address Generator

All of us internetaholics are familiar with the ritual of creating fake email addresses in order to register for one site or another. We have all done it. We know the drill. But to simplify matters I'm going to tell you a secret, which you can spread as much as you want! The instructions below are going to be a blessing for internet addicts and people who like to register for every useful (or useless) website.

Hijacking Facebook Fan Pages

Recently I have been receiving lots of complains from RHA readers that their facebook fan pages are getting hacked. There is no rocket science or Zero day being used to hack facebook fan pages. However it's a simple facebook bug which helps the admins to remove another admin. However facebook should set up a rule that the original admins should not be removed. The following video by Sophos explains how easy it is to hijack facebook fan pages:

How Hackers Hack Into Websites On Shared Hosts - Symlink Bypass Part 2

In our previous article How Hackers Are Hacking Into Websites On Shared Hosts, we explained you step by step how hackers hack a website on a shared host with symlink bypass. However what if the Admin has changed the name of the configuration file or has moved it to another place. In such cases require directory access in order to locate the configuration file. Which will be topic of today's post. Getting directory access via symlink bypass. 

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