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OWASP TOP 10 Security RISKS For 2013

The OWASP or the Open Web Application Security Project's "top 10" has been designed to raise awareness about crucial security threats faced by organisations. The data is based on 8 companies specialising in application security out of which 4 are consulting firms and the rest are tool vendors.

The top 10 are selected on the basis of exploitability, detectability and impact estimate from over 500,000 vulnerabilities spanning over hundreds of organisations and thousands of applications. The purpose of which is to educate developers, designers, architects, managers and organisations regarding web application security weaknesses.

The significance of the top 10 project is to understand what web applications can be prone to. OWASP provides additional information regarding these vulnerabilities that help the reader to prevent and combat such risks.


About the Author:
This article is written by Dr.Sindhia Javed Junejo. She is one of the core members of RHA team.


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  2. Can I be 'Core Member' of RHA? I 'had' an experience of hacking in past a lot! But now I blog on www.mypremiumtricks.com


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