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Sky News's Twitter & Facebook Accounts Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Sky News Arabia's Twitter accounts, Facebook Page and Email Accounts have been compromised. Infiltrating the Sky News Network is the Syrian Electronic Army.

The accounts that faced the worst consequences were the channel's main Twitter Accounts including @skynewsarabia. The twitter accounts that were hacked were used for cultural and entertainment news. As far as the Facebook page is concerned - Facebook/skynewsarabia - was also penetrated by the hackers. Sky News later managed to regain control of its networks, accounts and pages from the harsh claws of the hackers.

The hackers at Syrian Electronic Army said during an interview that they first targeted Sky News's Outlook Web App Email panel. Screenshot of the hacked inbox can be seen below:

The hackers than reset the password of Twitter and Facebook accounts and pages which were associated with that email address using the "Forgot Password" option. Pretty simple for professional hackers.

The attack was carried out in solidarity with the rebels in the Syrian conflict, according to the hackers involved and against the foreign media's biased view against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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  1. Rafay,

    I've few questions from you

    1) How you get the news about hacking? Any particular website, and how did you know about above hacked pages?

    2) How can outlook web panel be hacked as mentioned in this post?



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