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Computerized Prison doors Can Be Hacked With Stuxnet Worm

Computer researchers John Strauchs, Tiffany Rad and Teague Newman have recently discovered a way to hack into computerized prison doors without any difficulty. It just took security researchers very few amount of equipment and a baseband workspace.

According To Strauchs:

"I designed a maximum security prison security system. That is, I did the engineering quite a few years ago and literally on Christmas Eve, the warden of that prison after it was occupied, called me and told me all the doors had popped open, including on death row, which of course sent chills down my spine. So we fixed that problem very quickly. It was a minor technical thing that had to do with the equipment used, but the gist of it was it made me think if that could be done accidentally, what was the extent of what you could do if you did it deliberately?"

The same mechanism which was used in the Industrial system was used in the computerized prison doors and as Industrial systems were widely being targeted with the stuxnet worm, There is a strong possibility that the computerized prison doors were hacked with the stuxnet worm.

The Us department of homeland security has confirmed that the attack was successfully carried out. We will update you as soon as we receive more news.

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