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Apache Server 2.34 Vulnerable To DOS Attacks

After the huge success of Apache Killer, yet another tool has been actively spotted in the wild, It's an exploit written by Egyptian hacker named Xenon, The exploit is written in perl and can be easily modified for better results. According to the author this exploit is enough to compromise the availability of whole server with a single computer.

Unlike other Apache DDOS tools, This tool has the capability to test if the Apache server is vulnerable to the attack or not.

On emailing Xenon for more information about the exploit, He replied:

The exploit open data connections with a specific number like 500 sockets and send data every $ time using those $ sockets and you can specify the time too ( it can send $ data in $ sockets to port 80 )and u can change the target port too u can write another port like 8080 or 23 or what ever you want. 


  1. please sent download link nbvk@live.com

  2. send me a megaupload download link for it at hector.macedo5@gmail.com

  3. You can find the exploit code here:

  4. @rafay please how do i run this exploit...i'm a noob?...


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