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Stuxnet Explained Under 5 Minutes

Stuxnet was one of the most popular and most sophisticated worm ever discovered by security experts and malware researchers, The Stuxnet uses up to 4 Unpatched zero days in windows kernel and includes many tricks to avoid being detected by any of the antivirus, Stuxnet is mostly coded in C, C++, again very unusual for a malware to be coded in different languages.

The reason why stuxnet caught lots of media attention was that it's main target was a PLC, which is used to control industrial machinery systems, Once on the network it will automatically find it's target and infect them and will send the useful information to the attacker.

Over past few weeks I have received several emails from my readers to write a tutorial on stuxnet, However it will be highly unethical for me to hand over the source code as I will be accused for exciting script kiddies and other hackers,

While searching on Stuxnet as it has been my main medium of my reasearch now a days, I found couple of videos which could help you get better understanding of the Stuxnet virus.

A Word About DUQU

Duqu is a newly discovered worm , which happens to be created by same people who created the stuxnet, However Duqu is more specifically being used to capture the keystrokes of the PLC computers. We will be covering DUQU in our upcoming posts.

If you would like to have a deeper understating of how stuxnet works, Kindly refer our article Stuxnet Worm Installation, Injection, Mitigation And Prevention.

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