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Winners Announced - December 2011 Contest

It's finally time to announce winners for My "elearnSecurity Penetration testing course", First of all I would like to thank all the people who participated in the contest, Secondly I would like to inform you that the winners were not picked by me, They were picked by elearnsecurity team. We also received some private entries from people who were not interested in revealing their email addresses through the comments section.

Here were the rules of the contest:

[First Prize] The person with the most number of shares and the most impressive answer to the above question will win the first prize of penetration testing pro course.

[Second Prize] The person with the second most number of shares and an impressive answer to the question will win

Note: The answer carries more weight than your shares, which means that if you have the most shares and not a very impressive answer, You may move to the second and third position.

[Third Prize]The third prize will be chosen via a lucky draw

A Note from Armando (CEO OF eLearnSecurity:)

Hello, it's Armando from eLearnSecurity.
First let me say it has been HARD to select a winner for this contest. Many of you contributed a lot: we are blushing for your interest in our course but we had to pick 3 anyway.

We selected based on the number of shares AND the comment/reasons to be enrolled on the course.

The third place was selected based on the comment and we liked the idea to let a student in the course. We support students, especially those who cannot afford to pay for the whole tuition fee.

Life is not just about how many friends (followers?) you have who can help you reach your goal :) Hope you understand my point.

Thanks all for your support of this initiative


Here are the winners for the contest:

Minhal Mehdi
Sumeet Kumar

Winners are advised to leave their emails. So we can send them the courses.

So guys, take some time to congratulate contest Winners. If you're one of them, hearty congratulations to you. If you're not one of them, don't worry, there are many more contests to come


  1. hy... this is amad! good wishes for winners... and many much congratulations to winner Mr.Danial. i love your effort.

  2. hy this is amad. and there is very much congratulations to Danial. i love his sincere effort. and good work minhal and sumeet.

  3. my email is danilion55@gmail.com
    I want to thank Rafay and elearn security team. I am very happy on winning this course i can't explain my feelings. It is my second time on RHA that i stood first. :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. congratulation...z.zzz..z..z.z.z.z.z.z
    plzz also share the tuts with me...
    shall be very thank full to u .. :P

  7. yahOooooooo !!

    I won !!

    Thanks RHA :D

  8. My email Adress : minhalmehdi2000@gmail.com

  9. i didn't expect this kind of Results from elearn team :((((
    coz i worked very hard evry time i'm working very hard but all the time i'm getting negative impacts from this I Failed for 2nd time
    i think my country should be related to elearn security ppl :(
    my efforts were wasted ;((


  10. rafay bro i didn't recived any email :|


  11. Attention winners, Kindly send your first name and last name to ilaria@elearnsecurity.com, So you can be enrolled in the course.


  12. contact kross303 at yahoo dot com for your hack problems that nigga is sick

  13. Again lost hope! I spend hours during my exam time but no use! :( hmmm!

  14. @sumairbaloch admin kiya ap mujhe yeh is email ka password de sakte hain email hai sumair_rashid@yahoo.com aur sumair_rashid@hotmail.com plz sukariya

  15. helo my name is daisay and
    i recently contacted a hacker for hire via his email which is kross303@yahoo.com he helped me hack my husbands email and i found out he was cheating i filled for divorce and was able to use theinformation from the email against him,just wanted to thanks the hacker kross303@yahoo.com again he really helped me took him about 1 to 2 day to finish the job too, he should be able to help you,thanks


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