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How Hackers Can Hack Facebook Account Password

Are you curious to "hack facebook password" well then this post is just for you, Most people ask me to tell them the easiest way to hack facebook password, so here are some ways to that hackers take to hack facebook password:

1.Facebook phishing
3.Facebook new features
See my article on 4 ways on how to hack a facebook password for information on the above methods
But today we will focus on a method which has a high success rate celled Phishing and keylogging,so first of all:


What is phishing?

Phishing is the most commonly used method to hack Facebook. The most widely used technique in phishing is the use of Fake Login Pages, also known as spoofed pages. These fake login pages resemble the original login pages of sites likeYahoo , Gmail, MySpace etc. The victim is fooled to believe the fake facebook page to be the real one and enter his/her password. But once the user attempts to login through these pages, his/her facebook login details are stolen away. However phishing requires specialized knowledge and high level skills to implement. So I recommend the use of Phishing to hack facebook account since it is the easiest one.

Phishing Procedure:

First of all download Facebook fake login page
(Complete the survey to unlock Facebook fake login page)

1.once you have downloded facebook fake login page now extract contents in a folder

2.Now open pass.php and find (CTRL+F) 'http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com' then change it to your to is the 'http://www.google.com.pk'

Note:'http://www.google.com' is the redirection url,When victim will enter his/her email and password he will redirected to'http://www.google.com' instead of "http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com"

Now Save it .

3.Now open facebook fake page in a wordpad

4.Now in the fake page press Ctrl+F and search for the term "action=" now change its value to pass.php i.e. action=pass.php

Hack facebook

5.Create an id in www.110mb.com,www.ripway.com or t35.com.

Note:Lots of people have complaint that they get banned from 110mb.com.ripway.com and t35.com so as an alternative you can use ooowebhost.

6.Then upload all the files Facebook.htm,Pass.php in 110mb directory or an other and just test it by going to http://yoursite.110mb.com/Facebook.htm for the fake login page.Just type some info into the text box and then you will see in your file manager that a file called "Facebook.txt" is created, In which the password is stored

7.Go to http://yoursite.110mb.com/Facebookpassword.htm for the stored passwords !

How it works?

When a user types a Username Password in the the text box,The info is sent to "login.php" which acts as a password logger and redirects the page to "LoginFrame2.htm" which shows "There has been a temporary error Please Try Again" in it .So when the person clicks on try again it redirects to the actual URL so that the victim does not know that yoursite is a fake site and gets his Facebook.com password hacked

Keylogging - Easy way:

The easiest way and best way to hack Facebook is by using a keylogger(Spy Software). It doesn’t matter whether or not you have physical access to the target computer. To use a keylogger it doesn’t need any technical knowledge. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use keyloggers,below i will show you on How to hack facebook passwords with winspy and sniperspy

1. Sniper Spy (Remote Install Supported)

Remote password hacking softwareSniperSpy is the industry leading Remote password hacking software combined with the Remote Install and Remote Viewing feature.
Once installed on the remote PC(s) you wish, you only need to login to your own personal SniperSpy account to view activity logs of the remote PC’s! This means that you can view logs of the remote PC’s from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access!
Do you want to Spy on a Remote PC? Expose the truth behind the lies! Unlike the rest, SniperSpy allows you to remotely spy any PC like a television! Watch what happens on the screen LIVE! The only remote PC spy software with a SECURE control panel!
This Remote PC Spy software also saves screenshots along with text logs of chats, websites, keystrokes in any language and more. Remotely view everything your child, employee or anyone does while they use your distant PC. Includes LIVE admin and control commands.

Click here to read the review of sniperspy

2.Winspy Keylogger

First of all free download Winspy keylogger software from link given below:

Download Winspy Keylogger

2. After downloading winspy keylogger to hack Facebook account password, run the application. On running, a dialog box will be prompted. Now, create an user-id and password on first run and hit apply password. Remember this password as it is required each time you start Winspy and even while uninstalling.

3. Now, another box will come, explaining you the hot keys(Ctrl + Shift + F12) to start the Winspy keylogger software.
Winspy keylogger to hack gmail account password

4. Now, on pressing hot keys, a login box will come asking userid and password. Enter them and click OK.

Winspy keylogger to hack gmail passwsord

5. Now, Winspy’s main screen will be displayed as shown in image below:

6. Select Remote at top, then Remote install.

7. On doing this, you will get a popup box as shown in image. Now, fill in the following information in this box.

hack gmail password

.user - type in the victim’s name
.file name - Name the file to be sent. Use the name such that victim will love to accept it.
.file icon - keep it the same
.picture - select the picture you want to apply to the keylogger.
In the textfield of “Email keylog to”, enter your email address. Hotmail accounts do not accept keylog files, so use another emailaccount id,my sugession is using a Gmail id
Thats it. This much is enough. If you want, can change other settings also.

8. After you have completed changing settings, click on “Create Remote file”. Now just add your picture to a winrar archive. Now, what you have to do is only send this keylog file to your victim. When victim will open this file, all keystrokes typed by victim will be sent to your email inbox. Thus, you will get all his passwords and thus will be able to hack his email accounts and even Facebook account password.

See more about best keyloggers available:
Which spyware keylogger software to choose

If you are a Beginner and are interested in learn Hacking from beginning I recommend you reading my book on Ethical hacking "A beginners Guide To Ethical hacking"

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  4. :( i dont understand step 3...
    can someone explaine please...

  5. hello
    i want to say that iv created an account on that 110mb site...and iv downloaded those stuff that said on your blog..
    but now i cant figure it out .. like you said to write action=pph or what ever .. i also did that.. on the fb fake and in that pass.php. changed it in both of them .. now i dont know what to do ..
    please tell me what should i do..
    thank you

  6. how does this work for mac users??

  7. @Igor
    once you have opened your Fake page in wordpad,Search for the term action= and change it to "pass.php",Hope this works

  8. @Anoynomous
    Now u have just have to sent fake login link to the victim,once the victim enters the his user name and password,You will find the pass in a file named "pass.txt"

  9. @Swagat
    I didnt really get what you said,Explain in detail

  10. how should i send that fake account to that person ??

  11. thanks for everything bro, but i have a question and sorry if its not very smart, you saod give the link to the victim what link where i cn fine the link for example if my my acount is hpp://aloneinthedark14.11O.com and the files named as u said so what would be the link?


    My fake login page and the php is perfect, but i dnt knw why is it not working for u,Make sure u have followed the steps correctly
    And if it is not working in 110mb.com try it in www.ripway.com
    Hope this helps

  14. Distribute the facebook.HTML URL (ie: yoursite.com/facebook.HTML) to your friends.When they login from this fake login page, the login.php will save the username and password onto the .TXT file (or any other format) in your site. Download the file to see the password inside it.

  15. @all anonymous
    Plese dont comment as anonymous
    let there be a healthy conversion

  16. hi rafay..
    i do received .txt file in my site, but once i clicked it, nothing appear.. why this happen..

  17. I think the problem is with the web hosting service ur using,Or try with the other passs.txt script i have posted

  18. how will i distribute the facebook.HTML URL (ie: yoursite.com/facebook.HTML)??? to your friends.how will they login from this fake login page, the login.php??? can u plz explain in details.

  19. @Anonymous
    Distribute the facebook.HTML URL (ie: yoursite.com/facebook.HTML) to your friends.When they login from this fake login page, the login.php will save the username and password onto the .TXT file (or any other format) in your site. Download the file to see the password inside it.

  20. I have followed the steps provided but for some reason pass.txt is empy. Any ideas.... I'm using 110mb.com


  21. @anonymous
    Try using this script,Remeber to replace http://website,With your fake page
    header("Location: http://WEBSITE ");
    $handle =

    fopen("pass.txt", "a");
    foreach($_GET as

    $variable => $value) {

    fwrite($handle, "=");

    fwrite($handle, $value);

    fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

  22. Hey Rafay,sorry for the anonymity till now..i did as you described,downloaded the fake page,changed the term,uploaded it on 110,but so far i dont see any pass.txt in the same directory..should i somehow send it by mail-i suppose-to my brother for example,just to see how it works?and how should i send it?by attaching the link of MY fake page?or somehow copy paste it in my message in that e-mail?gimme a hint please

  23. hi thanx for your post its working now,THanx i am so happy

  24. @ANonymous
    I have changed the script please use new script instead of the old,I have been reported a problem with the script by many persons so i have changed the script
    Now after u have downloded the fake page made the changes,
    Distribute the facebook.HTML URL (ie: yoursite.com/facebook.HTML) to your friends.When they login from this fake login page, the login.php will save the username and password onto the .TXT file

  25. *sigh* im confused :( . i did what u said at the top and got the prob with the blank txt,now u say i must use the new script that u have made.i dont get what im suppose to do with it.where am i suppose to put it :( jus explain that lat bit please im clueless to these things

  26. i have downloaded the 4shared software but idk what to do from there.yet i clicked on the fake facebook log in and is said no longer exists.can you plz help thanks in advance

  27. WHich free web hosting service are u using

  28. Admin Are U Online ?
    Please Send me gigya Tool Bar Code
    please Help Me

  29. @Anonymous
    YOu get get a gigya bar from here

  30. hello ..

    you see i can do all these steps. its hard ..
    can you hack a facebook account for me ??

  31. @Samina
    Well making a fake login page is much harder than,but i have made the steps very easy,I am sorry that i wont hack any facebook accounts,because these posts are for educational purposes,please excuse me

  32. so can you tell me how to hack one??

  33. this is quite complicated
    How do you download the text file when the password is saved in it?

  34. @Sonia
    Once the victim logins you will automatically see a pass.txt file,The download option will be present somewhere just below the file ,depending upon the webhosting site you are using

  35. hi i seem to have a problem with step 4 as i cant seem to find "action=" any help??

  36. 2.In that ,find (CTRL+F) 'http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com' then change it to your destined URL but don't forget '\'.

    I need some help on step 2... I know you might think its easy but I am not very good with this kind of stuff.
    what do I need to change and to what? its sais find, but what? and what do you mean by my destined URL and not to forget "\"??? do I need to make a website or something??

  37. Hi there. I have used your old script on Ripway and it seems that it is correct.
    The only problem is that the email and password does not show.

    That being. The values are not show. But i do get the txt.
    Using the new script does not even enable me to see the txt.

    What do you think is the problem

    I tried 110mb at first. But it doesnt work for both scripts.

    Care to help?

  38. rafay bhai ...wat its mean ??

    2.In that ,find (CTRL+F) 'http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com' then change it to your destined URL but don't forget '\'.

    In http://...
    wat should i put ??
    and as u said tht (ctrl+f) action= . so there are three action= written...
    Tinno "action=" mai pass.php likhna parayga ??

  39. @jessy
    Have you changed action=pass.php?

  40. i ve not understand 2nd step,can u please describe it again with details??????

  41. i ve not understand ur 2nd procedure-In that,find(CTRL+F) 'http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com'then change it to your destined URL but dont forget'\'
    please kindly describe it in details

  42. i ve not understand ur 2nd procedure-In that,find(CTRL+F) 'http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com'then change it to your destined URL but dont forget'\'
    please kindly describe it in details

  43. hi admin
    I can not download the "fake page " plz help me to download it..............................i'm waiting

  44. i dont understand the 2nd step
    please helpppppp

  45. @Aryan
    Just change it to "www.google.com"

  46. @Anonymous
    I have checked the fake page its easily downloding,maybe you should try to download it on firefox..

  47. Hey Rafay.. wher shud i find the 'http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com'??
    i tried searching it but it didnt show up.. any Help pls..

  48. @Ethor
    you will find it in the login script

  49. Hey i did all the steps uv given abov and created a folder in ripway but im not getting anything to it however much i try entering the email id and password in the Fbook.htm.. wat might be the prob?? hav i missd anytn??..

  50. i got the pass.txt file one after attempting so many times but its not coming anymore.. and uv also said to try the new script but how do i do it? wher shud i replace them and what is the exact procedure? plsss help...

  51. can you hack some one for me ??? i will pay you. tnxhttp://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/20.gif

  52. can you hack someone for me??? i will paid for this. tnxhttp://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons7/71.gif


  53. @Anonymous
    I dont hack for money,please excuse me

  54. please help me i did not understand pls help
    my email is coolabhi6320@gmail.com

  55. you say to search action= there are 3 instances of action= do we need to change all of them?

  56. @Anonymous
    Just search for "Form action" and change it to pass.php

  57. is it possible to hack into a blogspot account?

  58. is it possible to hack into blogspot accounts?

  59. http://astalavista.com/index.php?app=autohacking WORKS :) FINALLY !

  60. @Jessy
    Just make sure that you have folowed steps correctly

  61. thanks rafay for the explanation shall we modify all 'action' to action=pass.php
    and i need also more explanation in upload can you give somme picture inorder to calrife the topic

  62. Mr Rafay,
    I salute for your effort for hacking facebook.
    I followed all your steps, but, let it be unfortunate, that I couldnt get success in one.

    So, could u kindly explain the Step 2:
    In that find 'http:rafay..blogspot.com' then change it to destined URL, dont forget'\'.

    Then, exactly which files we need to upload to hosting site like 110mb.com?

    If you think what u have discovered really works, then dare to share with us, dont just talk half.

  63. plesae i wait your answer

  64. im trying to hack into my account because facebook says my email is invalid and facebook help center isn't helping so i want to hack into my account can i use this for that purpose??

  65. Can I do this on a Mac?

  66. Can you explain step 2 clearly , after extract file in folder only appear the fake page and pass.php. where I suppose to change? control+f dont work. Shoul I open the fake page before? sorry to bother

  67. try it...!!
    facebook freezer update

  68. please, can you tell me in what to change address in step 2 ??

  69. hi i want 2 hack ma fiance facebook n gmail acc .. pls help me out with that.. i think she's having other relation also.. so from where i shud start ??? pls mail me ech n evry details ... thanks
    ma id is raul_roxx26@yahoo.in

  70. Hello, I did received a message,'FacebookPasswords.htm' in my file manager on my 110MB.com and I saw nothing inside but only 'Email: Password:'
    how to fix it?

    Last question, how to distribute the fake login to victim? do i have to distribute it thought email or facebook message or...?

  71. i just dont get it in procedure no 2...please explain clearly...

  72. @Anonymous
    I have updated the post,just check it out

  73. Hello boss,
    How do i distribute the Facebook.HTML URL???
    And what did you meant by --(ie: yoursite.com/Facebook.HTML)???

  74. hi friend ; where i got this 'http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com .. ie in step 2 . can u explain briefly..and u said change action= but there r two like this .can i change both.

  75. hi friend u say change action=pass.php but there are 3 action= .can i change all 3 or which one?

  76. Hi bro,
    In the step no 8 you said - "After you type the file , a password file named pass.txt will be created in the same directory "
    Here,of which file r u talking about??
    Plz update step no 2...................
    It would be very much helpful for us all.......

  77. @Md. Hizbul Islam
    Thankx for your comment i Have updated te post,just check it out

  78. where do i copy that script to? and/or replace where

  79. Hello, I did received a message,'FacebookPasswords.htm' in my file manager on my Ripway.com and I saw nothing inside but only 'Email: Password:'
    how to fix it?
    it's londa same problem like daniel...and i'm just trying to learn..it's not for anyone's harm....please reply...

  80. hi brother, my friend block me in facebook now what can i do?

  81. hi. please help me with this problem. there's a person who scammed me. that's why i want him to repay for what he did to me. i want to hack his account but i wont change anything. i just want to get something which really belongs to me. after that i wont open his account anymore. please help me to hack his account in facebook. can you? im begging you. thanks.

  82. please explain step 2....there are only files in the folder - pass.php.php and facebook what should i change ??! :(

  83. samhj main nahi araha yarr,,

  84. i got it right......!!!!
    its working.........!!!!!!!!
    some1 please suggest me some idea for giving the link to the victim!!pleez

  85. its working for me!!
    please some1 give me ideas for giving the link to the victim!!!!

  86. I am not getting it.I have downloaded da page but da language iz unreadable please guide me briefly so do i use diz opportunity

  87. hi daniel...i had same prbl like u...how u fixed that prbl??

  88. Hi dan! Man i dont understand your second step.. You say to look for http:ra..blogspot.com but i only had two files in my download one file is facebook.htm and the other is pass.php

    please help me as soon as u can! and thanks!

  89. @harman kharoud
    Search for Form action=

  90. help plz....a file called pass.txt is not created

  91. i do not understand step 2 as i do not have any file named 'http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com' and cannot locate it when i search for it.where exactly is this file?and also i do not understand what we are meant to do with the new script?where are we meant to put it?and do we replace all the "action=" as there is 3.Any help will b much appreciated

  92. every thing is fine and working but but ripway,110mb,t35 all thease sites terminating my account due to fake login page plz help

  93. hey nice its working thanku friend......... and pl tell me about that if any friend block me in facebook. than what should i do????

  94. OR......

    You could just ask your boyfriend straight-out if he's cheating on you.


  95. hi brother ; facebook engg or so clever now they block the 'hacking link ' to share on facebook...

  96. i tried doing this but it always says "this form is inoperational".

  97. is there a passcode or something to get in someone facebook account if u know the email address

  98. @Hacker
    Have you changed action=pass.php,remember there are three "action" terms in facebook fake page,you need to search for "Form action"

    @harman kharoud
    Just change "Form action=pass.php"

  99. @Daniel
    I have made this post for educational purposes,and its upto you to use it for positive or negative purposes,so please excuse me

  100. @harman kharoud
    Kindly dont use it for real hacking,you can use url hiders for this purpose,www.tinyurl.com

  101. dear, that hiders link was also not shared on facebook... pl help me

  102. MY NAME IS HACK101

    This is how to do it guysssss....

    1) download http://www.ziddu.com/download/6354448/Facebookfakepagerafayhackingarticles.rar.html

    2) extract the 2 files.
    3) open the second file named "pass.php" and find "http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com" change it whatever you like.. for example google.com but keep the quotes and everything.
    4) create an account on http://t35.com
    5) open the file named "facebook" in notepad
    6) search for "action"
    7) there are 3, choose the first one
    8) right after action you will find "/login.php" change that to "/(your username on t35.com)/pass.php.php" leave the quotes and everything.
    9) save both the facebook and the pass.php
    10) go to your account on t35.com and ull find a tab named my files click on it and press upload files
    11) choose both files that you edited (facebook and pass.php)
    12) now try that yourself press on ur new website with the facebook file
    13) go back to my files, ull find a new file in between the facebook and pass.php, press on it and ull find whatever the user entered.
    14) send the link to your friends

  103. j'ai trouver un site simple et très intéressant pour pirater facebook http://www.crack-facebook.c.la

  104. how to distribute the fake page to my friends...pleazzzzz tell me?

  105. hey when i CTRL+F in the folder and search for step 2 there's nothing i can find?

  106. @Kevztrife
    I have done my best to explain rest is up to you

  107. before i upload the fake page i know I'm supposed to find the http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com. But where? I fail to see it or find it. Please help.

  108. Hi Rafay,
    I m new here and read ur blog about FB account hacking, its very interested. I also tried to follow ur post, but at the first stage i strucked for the fake page of FB couldn't get from ur download link nor proper file/page in the above given address ziddu.com. the file at ziddu is not openable.

    Would you please help in this regard so i can take step forward.

  109. Hi hack 101...Thank u very much for d msg...
    It really helped me out a lot...
    But 1 thing more...
    I cannot understand the step number 12...
    Pls make me understand it...
    & at last plz tell the procedure of sending the link to my friends...
    I followed each and every steps said by u successfully....Only step 12 & 14 are the problems....
    Plz make me understand those 2 steps..I m so curious...

  110. What do the people who click on this link get? does it say anything or are they in anyway left to say that link didn't work or whatever? are they able to see the true path like at the bottom of the window when they move their cursor over the link?

  111. @kevztrife
    You're supposed to opne the file and search, not the folder.

  112. @Hack 101
    Thanks for the explanation

  113. Rfay your efforts are commendable. Only problem is when circulating the url people tend to know that it is faek url from url words itself. (for eg. bluepurple.t35.com/facebook.html) ..Any work around for that ?

  114. hi bro ; can u explain how to manke a photo that can redirect my url after open the photo ?...pl send me mail at 'harman.kharoud@gmail.com'... i wait u.. thanks

  115. For any one that's got a working page and its all sweet will you send it to a e-mail address for me????

  116. uh dude cud u explain step 2? where do i find the link man i got no clue..

  117. the file that i got doesnt have any password in it all the file saved says

    Email: Password:Email: Password:
    can someone explain this

  118. I couldn't open my facebook inbox and I was given a warning message from Facebook team. What's going on? Thank's

  119. @Hanum
    Some of the facebook users might had reported abuse on your profile

  120. @Rafay Baloch
    Dont understand how to go on Facebook.htm......pls explain

  121. ryt i have done wot its say but wen i got to step 2 i cunt find
    In that ,find (CTRL+F) 'http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com' then change it to your to is the 'http://www.google.com.pk'

    so i skiped it and did tht step 3 n saved it but thn i created a account with t35.com ahh im confused n i need to get on to my boyfriend facebook please help!!!

  122. hello :)

    pls help me i can't change the "http:// rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com PLS HELP ME

  123. HELLO RAFAY i cant change the http://rafay.etc.. in the wordpad.. PLS HELP ME sorry i cant understand


    please help me i cant undertsand the step #2 on how to change http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com' into

    PS: i need ur response MR.RAFAY

  125. When I click the facebook.htm in the 110mb.com upload place, it goes to some website called voybz.com??? Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  126. hii je veux savoir si quelqun est capable de trouver un mot de passe facebook svp!!! tres important

  127. i dont understand step number two.. where do i type the link? :S

  128. i cant understand step 2 please help . =[

  129. @Anonymous
    Just change it to "www.google.com

  130. hey how u doing rafay!!.
    i have done pretty much everything as described but im having some minor difficulties, may be u can help me with it.
    1. i uploaded both the facebook html file and the pass.php onto t35.com. i clicked the facebook html file and it directed me to the fake facebook login. i entered my information and i was directed back to the t35.com site with an error message as well. the message was...the file cannot be found. also there was a message about breach of terms of service. but anyways..i tried 110mb.com and i did the same ..i uploaded both files ...and was directed to the fake facebook login page. i entered my information and i was directed back to the 110mb.com site with an error about the file is not found..and some other messages as well. what i want to know is..has any of these host websited worked for you recently??? if not then..maybe the webmaster might have being aware of the hacking and possibly put a stop to it. if not then can u let me know what im doing wrong. i changed the fakerafayarticle...blah blah..to www.google.com and i changed the pass.php as well. i will appreciate any help.

  131. I have used it, it is a virus...Torjan or something

  132. i have a problem about "action" PLS HELP

  133. i dont understand step 7 and after.

  134. Wait, i dont get how anyone can be so stupid to click on facebook.htm instead of facebook.com

    This confuses the shit out of me.

  135. There's no file named "Fake". Is there a way to get it?

  136. When I download the fake page, it only downloads on RAR file, nothing to extract. And when I open the file it is all symbols...no letters?

  137. Looking forward for ur answer Rafay

    1. I've change ur website to www.google.com

    2. I cant find the form action, but I've change the first one as i have read in a post that is this one.

    3. I created an account on ripway, i uploaded the two files, when i went to mypage/facebook.php and then entered a fake user and pass, i redirected in ripway and said error in page (i think) and then my account was suspended. I created another one, and was suspended again. Then i tried the t35.com when i entered user and pass there was something wrong and now is saying "unable to connect to ftp...port..."

    4. Now we supposed that it's working. 3 guys are trying to connect from the my fake facebook page. After a couple of hours im trying to check if somebody has tried and get his user and pass. I gonna have 3 pass.txt or just from the guy who sign up last?

    5. Why u didn't change from the beginning the action= to be easier for everybody?

    6. Thanks for ur work

  138. hEY Plz...
    Hack this id...:


  139. Plus

    How is possible to save the email and the password in a "pass.txt" with out having it in ur script?

    Are u sure that all this are correct?

  140. Okkk. I downloaded your fake login page, and it has a virus.My computer automatically deletes files with virus. Where can I get it??

  141. hey Rafy, i rly need ur help so bad :(

    i did all the steps.. bue the problem that i found file called Facebook password.htm...
    When i opened it i found:
    Email: Passowrd:
    but wiz empty values :S:S
    The mail and The password wasn't recorded...
    What do u think??!! i think there is something wrong wiz the Pass.php?!! anyway plz help me! i rly need ur help!! Plz Plz Plz

  142. i folowed all the steps and it created FacebookPasswords.htm but when i opend the file it gives me

    Email: Password:

    what am I doing wrong?

  143. Hello Rafay...
    Sorry to disturb again...
    I m at last having problem...
    I uploaded d files to t35.com..
    But as i open it, ERROR IN PAGE appears...
    Why this error is coming...

  144. la meilleur solution pour pirater facebook : http://piratefacebook.c.la

  145. i dont understand anything plz help me anyone ...>>mail address : am_jewel@yahoo.com plz help me...if anyone success i am waiting for responce.....

  146. I came across this way to view facebook profiles:


    It is a surprisingly easy way to do that. I'm surprised no one else does this!

  147. Hello Rafay bro.
    As u can see that all of the people are having problem in following your steps.
    So it would be kind enough for all of us, if u update all steps for us. Make it more clear.
    We are really curious..........................

  148. I'm stressed, I'm female I've been trying for two days and can't make this work I'm not looking to hack the world just one very important one and thats why I'm still here trying.
    The HTML page works but doesn't seem to be sending the information to the pass.php file. I'm using t35.
    Is it possible there is a command or setup that I'm not using on the T35 website that is needed to link the two and create the txt file to retrieve the password or am I now sooooo tired that I'm waffling.

    Help please xx kaz

  149. hi kaz, i'm stressed to n dont even no were to start lol, ive tryed downloadind step 1 n it just downloads an rar file or sumthin n u cnt open it, i am really desperte just to find out 1 persons password, i even payed for 1 but it didnt work :( if u figure it out would u be able to do it 4 me, plz plz plz, i will give u ther email adress nd mine so u can email me, i really hope u dont mind me askin you :S i hope u will help me, plz email me on becky_danielle@hotmail.com nd let me no, if not im sorry if i have bin cheeky nd thanx enyway :) x

  150. hi someones hacked onto my facebook account and i want to hack it back..what should i do please help coz they have put up personal information...HELP

  151. hey pls explain d 2nd step..pls..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. hello,
    i've downloaded the fake profile and all, and it said i had to choose a program to open it with, so i chose Notepad, but when it came to step two i searched for the website in there, and it wasnt found. can you please help me? i can give you my email if you need.
    thanks alot.
    from jess.

  153. Please dude, as others are saying, i think it's time to update all the steps.

  154. does this work for mac? and if so, what should i open it in because macs do not have wordpad

  155. i can give u fake login page i can make u the website email me 99@paralaci.com

  156. well i made the fake page by editing it after i uploaded it into t35 and did all the steps right... i think. but when i tried it on myself, it just went to an error loading page?

  157. @bec
    Upload all files at ripway.com and then try

  158. @All
    Due to overflow of the comments i am closing comments to this post you can continue posting comments on my post How to hack facebook account

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