How To Bypass Surveys For Free

We often come across sites in which we have to forcefully do a survey because we have to download a file or see some content.In all of these surveys we are forced to disclose our personal information like our phone number , email id etc.
Later these sites irritate you with their sms's spam mails of offers in which you not at all are interested !
So i've found a way by which you can get through these sites without leaking out your personal information !

Let's start -

1. Download this add on called ''greasemonkey'' for mozilla firefox (mozilla is needed ).

After installing it,it would appear like this in your browser -

2. After installing it download this script which runs with the help of this add on(greasemonkey) --

Install this script and make sure the monkey on the right side of your mozilla screen is colored (which means greasemonkey is activated,to activate or deactivate just click on it)

3. Now go to the site which tells you to do the survey and asks for your information etc..

4. You'll see an option on top left side of the page which says '' Press CTRL+SHIFT+F to fill in form. ''

Do as CTRL+SHIFT+F and you will see that the form gets filled on its own and all the information filled out there is completely random !

Click on submit and you are registered on the site and now you can easily download what you wanted to ! :)

This is all random stuff filled by the script.


5. Some sites may tell you to verify your identity by logging into your mail and opening some url or to get some pin ! For this all you have to so is go to . Go to this site and you'll get a temporary email id for around 15-30min.>paste that temporary email id at the place of email id which your intelligent form filler has randomly filled>click on submit form.

Here '''' is the yopmail email id which is replaced by the default id given by ''form filler''

Here '''' is the yopmail email id which is replaced by the default id given by ''form filler''

6. Check Inbox for the mail from the site>Get the pin or confirmation link>you are done !

Here as you can see two mails from the site where we have to forcefully register and the confirmation link plus password (other mails are just spam,ignore them).


7. Some sites may ask you for voice calls confirmation ..I have the solution for that too :)
In that case go to this site ..on this site you can receive voice calls via mail ! So you bypass Survey again without giving any details !

Register here and you'll be able to receive voice calls via mail.

Author information -

This article is written by shikhil, he is the newest RHA team member and blogs at

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  1. How about SMS? you just mention voice call and e-mail..if the service want us to text message, how we can bypass it?


    This is site where you get free phone no. to send and receive texts !

  3. hiii can u post a new technique on how to hack fb a/c many of ur readers are waiting for it!!!!!!!

  4. How to bypass surveys that need our phone number to complete? Like this site >
    I cant find the instruction on 'press CTRL+SHIFT+F' and I had done all things that you taught. Please Help. Btw, thanks a lot for your excellent articles.

  5. @anonymous 4 :
    You can take the offer of "" here n try bypassing it my method told above..
    I've tried it n it works..i've downloaded the file for you..though you can try bypassing it yourself also..
    here's the link for..

  6. nice tutorial brother keep it up and may i link my site to yours and yours to mine website here is the url of my website

  7. YA! I M "DARE To ASK" !!

  8. What to do when they ask for phone number?? Please help.

  9. What about Sharecash surveys, i'm from bugaria, and the surveys are about SMS games, what shall i do?

  10. What about Sharecash, their surveys are about SMS games?

  11. What about Sharecash surveys, i'm from bugaria, and the surveys are about SMS games, what shall i do?

  12. hi
    i want to download a sharecash file but i cant cuz surveys need mobile phone(which i am not fool to give ) and i need somehelp o bypass it

  13. can you download a file from this site for me please?
    my email is

  14. Awesome blog. I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work.
    free survey software

  15. @shikhil sharma I saw in comment section .. you downloaded a file for Anonymous. can you download for me to ? please..i'm beging you.

  16. Is the sms method only working for people living in USA because the survey i clicked required me to give a Singapore's handphone number. btw i'm from singapore and here is the file that i'm trying to download.

  17. always redirects for me...i am very desperate to get a file..can u please download it for me sir.. beg u..please please help me out sir

  18. I love youuuuu Thankssss :))))

  19. can you please download this file for me ..

  20. can you download a file for me please? :)

  21. can you download a file for me please? :)

  22. thank u sir...i could hack into most of the sites after watching this blog...however i am not able to hack or bypass this survey..can you please help me out with this??

  23. Hey sir could u please mate bypass me that link plsss it's like 3 month i tried everything and im tired nothing work.

    pls and send me the file at

    Please mate thx

  24. @shikhil sharma, I need to download a file from megadown and due to those surveys I can't as I there is no surveys available in my country "Morocco". I urge you sir if you can download it for me I'd be so grateful to you. I did a lot of research about this and I tried everything without success.
    the link:
    thank you.

  25. What if the survey wants you to complete certain product offers like so many of them do before you get what you wanted to view?

  26. What if the survey wants you to complete the survey by buying into those product offers?

  27. I personally think everyone responsible for these forced surveys to "prove your human" need to be shot to death. There's other ways to prove someone is human, what they really want to do is steal personal info then sell it to corporations.

    1. I agree. Grip confirmation needs to be shut down and all the download files that exist on the website should be available.

  28. The site seem to be down currently but can still be accessed though google cache

  29. hi can you download this file for me? i cant complete one of those surveys :( email: thanks

  30. Fileice Survey bypass

  31. Can you download this file for me? It won't work and I even tried using this and still nothing happens. Email:

  32. ������������


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