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New Malware Detected in "Angry Birds Space"


The newly launched “Angry Birds Space” is found to have a new malware ! The malware was detected by Lookout Security which is a famous anti virus available for android phones. The malware is said to be a new version of Legacy Native (LeNa) which helps to gain unauthorized privileges from android phone.
This new variant of LeNa hides its payload just past the “End of Image” marker of an otherwise fully-functional JPEG.

This latest version of LeNa has recently emerged in alternative markets, and it is not believed to have been in the Google Play market. Among the apps in which this payload appears, however, is a fully functional copy of the recently released Angry Birds Space.

How it Functions?

LeNa would reportedly trick the user into activating its payload by invoking the SU utility which is used by rooted users to selectively grant super user privileges to applications that request them. After the app gained root access, it performs normally while also secretly installing a native binary file and granting it remote control. But due to its dependence on the SU tool, its spread was limited to rooted devices.

How to Prevent and Be safe :

1 .If phones starts working in an unusual manner then there is a possibility that it is affected.

2. Before downloading the app do look for the comments and reviews of people and also the name of
the developer .

3. Download an anti virus for your mobile. Lookout anti virus, NetQin are some of the trusted names.

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