Google Raises Bug Bounty - Great News For Hackers

Google bounty
A good news for the hacking community- The internet giant Google has raised the bounties from $3133 to $20,000.Most companies that are in the business of providing software or services are willing to pay industrious and benevolent hackers who find bugs in the code. Google has been making use of these folks for quite some time, but now Mountain View is increasing its rewards dramatically in an effort to encourage more people to join the bug hunt. Google previously handed out a maximum of $3133.70, but now will offer  up to $20,000 per bug.

How to Join Anonymous Army ?


What to join Anonymous army ? So are you like expecting from me that i will tell you that enrollment forms are out to join The Anonymous ? No, No such news ! And you cannot join anonymous ! In fact no one can !

Anonymous is not an organization,not a club too,nor a party.Anonymous has no ideology,no gurus and no leaders too.
Anonymous are like people who are with each other for a small time to bring do a task,be it good thing or bad.But as soon as that task is complete those people may or may not be together.You can compare them to a group of people traveling small distance together just like the passengers of a bus.

Hack Facebook Accounts With Reverting

Facebook pays millions of dollars to security experts and penetration tester to keep the privacy of their users as safe as possible. So therefore we cannot use direct methods such as bruteforcing, dictionary attacks in order to hack facebook account due to account lockout feature. However, Also i would like to clear one more doubt that there is no such software which will hack a facebook password for you by just entering your email address. There are also methods such as Phishing, keylogging etc, which can help you hack facebook account, which are also suggested ones.

However here in this tutorial we will be exploiting a bug inside facebook in order to hack a facebook account. The vulnerability exploits trusted friends feature inside facebook which could be used to reset some one's facebook password. 

Anonymous Hacks Formula 1 Website

Hacking Group Anonymous recently brought down the website of Formula 1 !
They did it by DDos-Distributed Deniel of Services attack. The website which was attacked is
The F1 world was already in news because of controversial hosting of Grand Prix in Bahrain this weekend where protest are taking place before this attack on the website took place.
Anonymous hackers also defaced another website associated with Fromula 1 racing and also posted a press release.
The message was against the King Hamad bin Ali Khalifa of Bahrain. A part of the exact message posted :

Stuxnet Worm Was Loaded Iran DoubleAgents!

Stuxnet virus was the virus which damaged Iran’s nuclear program. A recent report revealed that it was implanted by Israeli proxy-an Iranian and used a corrupt memory Usb stick which was revealed by former and serving U.S. intelligence officials said.

Nikjju Injection Compromises More Than 180,000 Pages !

Effect - Hackers have compromised above 180,000 pages by this new SQL injection vulnerability against ASP sites and the number is growing very fast.
The effect is also seen on blogger users as their ‘’Traffic sources’’ area shows traffic from the infected links.

Protect Your Website Against SQL Injection

Hacker-one: “ YES, I DID IT !!! “

Hacker-two: “What ? “

Hacker-one:” I HACKED ANOTHER SITE!!! “

Hacker-two: “Great!!! How did you do that? “

Hacker-one:” SQL INJECTION !!! :p “

Yes, one of the common methods that are being used by hackers is SQL INJECTION.

Sites get hacked by the sql injection due to the loop hole that is left by developers most of the times while developing a web application.

Penetration Testing In Real World - "Codename: Samurai Skills"

How to hack?, This is the same question that is asked to me every single day. Infact it's one of the most searched and widely spoken topics on the internet. There are tons and tons of guides and how to's available on the internet related to hacking and pentration testing. However, the problem is that unless you can't learn how to hack unless you don't practice the stuff you learned.  Which brings us to the next question, Where do I practice what I learn?

How To Hack Windows 7 And Bypass Firewall And Kaspersky Antivirus

Ever tried to hack a windows 7?, Ever tired of bypassing antiviurs?, Then this is the tutorial for you.Ok, so you want to know how to attack a fully secured and protected windows 7 sp1 x64 with all security defenses working and running ( UAC,DEP,ASLR,EMET,etc.)

elearnSecurity Penetration Testing Professional V2 - Review

Few months back we reviewed elearnsecurity Penetration testing student course. We received tremendous amount from feedback from our readers who took the course. Therefore i decided to review elearnsecurity's newly launched Penetration Testing Course Professional v2. elearnsecurity offers one of the finest training related to Ethical hacking and Penetration testing in the market. Version 1 of the elearnsecurity training course has had over 2,000 students from 82 different countries in the world and professionals Military agencies and Fortune 50.

How To Bypass Surveys For Free

We often come across sites in which we have to forcefully do a survey because we have to download a file or see some content.In all of these surveys we are forced to disclose our personal information like our phone number , email id etc.
Later these sites irritate you with their sms's spam mails of offers in which you not at all are interested !
So i've found a way by which you can get through these sites without leaking out your personal information !

New Malware Detected in "Angry Birds Space"


The newly launched “Angry Birds Space” is found to have a new malware ! The malware was detected by Lookout Security which is a famous anti virus available for android phones. The malware is said to be a new version of Legacy Native (LeNa) which helps to gain unauthorized privileges from android phone.
This new variant of LeNa hides its payload just past the “End of Image” marker of an otherwise fully-functional JPEG.

Facebook Hacking: Remote File Inclusion Attack

Facebook being the world's largest social networking website has became the major target for the hackers, attackers and other malicious users. Facebook has hired the team world's leading security experts in order for them to improve their website's security. Moreover facebook also pays 500$ to any one who can identify any sort of vulnerability inside facebook.

@Al-Qaeda Goes Dark For 12 Days

Al qaeda down
Now, when the king Osama-bin-laden has been killed, his organization Al-qaeda has weakened in many ways. "The main internet forum of Al-Qaeda has been down since 12 days", further proves the above lines.

The backbone of the groups communication has gone down suddenly. The websites have seen the longest downtime of 12 days, which is the longest in history.  Along with the several other forums that Al-Qaeda used, many top sites of the terrorist organization have gone to dark and are not functional. 

Android Malware Detected - "Roar of the Pharaoh"

Android malware

A Chinese again tries to hack android, and this time from behind a game named "The Roar of the Pharaoh". The bug was spotted by a security researcher from Sophos. The game has no security or permission issues while it is installed which lets the Android user believe that it is a non-malicious software and will not harm the system.

FBI:"We are not winning."

FBI struglling against hackers
The cyber division of the FBI says that they are losing the war against hackers. "We are not winning", were the words of the FBI assistant director Shawn Henry who is the main-man since more than two decades in the organization.  Also, few of the top government officials have said that America is not able to handle the stream of cyber attacks which are increasing every other moment.

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