Ransomware, A Malicious Software That Locks Your Computer

My purpose to write this article is to give awareness to you about the new virus worm that demands money. Some people have been victim of it and they have paid cash for it, will you?
Ransomware is a malicious software introduced by hackers that locks out of users PC and demands certain amount of Cash to open up PC again. Just like we have to pay bill for hotel room, but it doesn't alters any data.

Acknowledged By Ebay

Friends, It is my great pleasure to inform you that Ebay has listed me into it's Hall of fame for security researchers who have reported high risk vulnerabilities to Ebay. I found a non persistant cross site scripting vulnerability inside Ebay, I reported it to Ebay and it was identified as a high risk vulnerability, hence Ebay fixed it without wasting any time and provided me an acknowledgement.

Facebook URL Redirection Vulnerability

Friends, Recently I found a "Redirection Vulnerability" inside Facebook, However facebook refused to accept it as according to them the vulnerability targets very few people. This is what they replied:

How To Use Google Chrome For Hacking?

Up till now, firefox was widely used by hackers and pentesters for their day to day job due to tremendous plugins that would make their work much easier for them. However now a days i prefer google chrome more than firefox, due to wide variety of interesting extensions that may provide a great aid in hacking and pentration testing.

How to monitor or track any Cell Phone

How to monitor or track any cell phone?

There is no denying that cell phones are part and parcel of current times and smartphones with a whole gamut of features are hot favorites. Mobile phones are being profusely used for a variety of functions and have become repositories of so much personal and professional information. If and when people can get at a cell phone’s data, they acquire almost complete knowledge about the owner! But getting at a mobile’s data is more easily said than done.

People cannot keep grabbing furtively at a phone and going through the information stored in it! An invisible and silent way to transmit all the cell phone related activities and data, including deleted ones is needed. This is the basic idea behind monitoring or tracking cell phones using cell phone spy applications.

The Top Cause Of Organizational Data Breaches

While stumbling across the internet I came across a very interesting graphic, Which i thought would be worth sharing, Trustwave.com has made a very interesting graphic,which that the top cause of data breaches of organization are Uneducated Employees. Weak passwords are at top of the list, and according to them "password1" is one of the most commonly used passwords of all time.

Organizations that do not invest in security education for their employees put themselves at risk. In investigations of more than 300 security breaches worldwide, Trustwave found that an overwhelming 87 percent of businesses that had been breached did not have security policies, including security awareness education programs, in place. Today’s organizations also experience an average of 14.4 incidents a year of unintentional data loss through employee negligence. In this Infographic, Trustwave highlights the risk of uneducated employees and their seven deadly sins.

FBI's Cyber Crime Agent hacked & Apple Device IDS leaked, FBI denies the claims

A hacker group said to be AntiSec claimed that they hacked a computer of Federal Bureau of Investigation's Agent inside the office of the department that was located in New York.
Furthermore, it was claimed by a member of AntiSec that they have retrieved some personal data from the computer of agent. According to the hackers group the file was taken into account during the month of march via Java software.

AntiSec group claimed they got unique device identifiers that are known as UDIDS. By exposing a Java vulnerability and clicking a folder that was on special agent's desktop in his laptop, who's an employee of FBI's regional cyber action and evidence response team.

AntiSec said it got the unique device identifiers, or UDIDs, by exploiting a Java vulnerability and accessing a desktop folder on the laptop of a special agent who worked with the FBI's regional cyber action and evidence response teams in New York. The hacked ids are series of numbers and letters assigned to apple devices such as Iphones, Ipads, Ipods etc. These ids are used by software developers to track the activity of an app used.

The most interesting part was that FBI denied being hacked as they tweeted as, "We never had info in question. Bottom Line: TOTALLY FALSE."
"The FBI is aware of published reports alleging that an FBI laptop was compromised and private data regarding Apple UDIDs was exposed," the agency said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.
 "At this time, there is no evidence indicating that an FBI laptop was compromised or that the FBI either sought or obtained this data."

But the truth is that 1 million iOS device IDS are leaked and sold, after this hacking task successfully performed by AntiSec. AntiSec hacker group claims to have accessed 12 million unique device identifiers on FBI computer

Acknowledged By Microsoft For Reporting Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Hacked
For past couple of months, I have been doing more of teaching part rather than learning part, Therefore i decided go after the learning part and decided to go after Microsoft as they had an acknowledgement program for the security researchers around the web, who can find vulnerabilities inside their online services and report it to them.

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