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Win A Free Shot At "Samurai Skills" Penetration Testing Course

Update: Winners Announced here 

Well, You might have already about "Attack-Secure Real World Penetration testing course", The course is based upon real world Penetration testing, The course covers almost every thing that you need to learn in order to become a good Penetration tester. The lab is based upon over 20+ real world targets that you need to hack and find the key.txt file in order to pass the examination.
Luckily for RHA readers, the Attack-secure founder "Muhammad Ramadan" was kind enough to to sponsor a contest for us. The contest is based upon a challenge where the first one to solve it would get a free chance at the certification and full access to the lab. The others would get amazing 20% discount on all courses.

The challenge goes as follows:

The website attack-secure.com is running cloudflare, Therefore the real IP and the hosting provider is not known, We verified it by performing a query to it's dns servers.

Your challenge is as follows:

1) Find the Hosting Provider of Attack-secure.com
2) Find the real dns servers.
3) Find the real IP (Additional Points)

Wish you good luck, You can report answers to rafayhackingarticles@gmail.com.


  1. hi,

    It is very good for beginners in pen testing.
    i have mail you against your queries in the article.


  2. 1. Hosting Provider :- WebNX
    2. DNS address :- dns1.gnax.net

    3. Real IP-address :-


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